Family owned and operated, Mr. You Express is not only a wonderfully delicious Chinese eatery, but the story of a family overcoming adversity. The Mr. You Express family escaped the poverished nation of Cambodia into nearby Thailand in the hopes of building a better life. It was there they waited patiently for U.S. sponsorship as to legally immigrate into the United States. Arriving first in Utah, then onto Colorado, the Mr. You Express family was able to save enough money to land themselves within the heartland of opportunity… Los Angeles, California.
Soon thereafter, they purchased a Donut Shop which quickly began offering delectable Chinese cuisine for both lunch and dinner. Unfortunately their beloved eatery fell to flames amongst many other businesses during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. Devastated by the carnage, they moved east of LA to Riverside, California. It was there they began the process of starting over. Growing vegetables to sell at neighborhood markets. Soon enough, they had raised enough money to rebuild their business and open the 2nd coming of Mr. You Express Gourmet Chinese Food.

Since then, the Mr. You Express family has been growing at a substantial rate. With several locations spanning San Bernardino and Riverside counties offering the freshest in Chinese cuisine. For an enjoyable eating experience, come in to Mr. You Express Gourmet Chinese Food. Treat your taste buds!